Orange have a number of VR related products on offer to customers. This includes an Android based Orange 360 VR app and a mobile VR headset (the OVR 1 and 2).

The Design & UX team were keen to understand how real target customers would use the app, and in particular what the first time user experience is like.

They wanted to bring evidence of the strengths and weaknesses to a workshop where the product roadmap would be discussed and planned. We were asked to run sessions where users could be observed experiencing the app and headset.

“Provide evidence to help us make design improvement decisions for our 360 VR app”

What we did

We ran a rapid UX evaluation where 5 target users were recruited and observed using the Orange VR app in their own homes. Our research team asked the users to try a number of specific features agreed with Orange beforehand and recorded any issues that prevented the users from successfully achieving their goals

In total we covered the entire end to end experience, including the first time app experience and onboarding, the content library, the panoramic and VR modes, the 360 photo creator and viewing and sharing of user generated content.


We delivered a highly visual and actionable report covering the top 10 – 20 issues across the experience that consistently cause the most friction for users. This was designed to be taken into an internal workshop to be used by the product team as a tool to identifying priorities going forward.

Wow that’s really extensive and useful. For the purpose of the workshop this will be great insight. Quite an eye opener.

Dominic PullenUser Experience Manager, Orange Group

OVR 360



What We Did

Using evidence from user research to improve mobile VR experiences